The adoption application is complicated and very strict so not anyone can adopt easily.

We believe that reading the application form and answer it sincerely is the manner and the courtesy 

between the person who sends animals for adoption and the applicant who wants to become a family with the animal.

This adoption is for visit only, and a responsible person of LUPPYWORLD and applicant will exchange their ID 

at the scene to verify each other’s identity.

There are people abandon their pets, which once were their beloved family for more than 10 years for many of their own reasons. Some people abandon their pets because they are having their own children. Others abandon their pets when he/she gets sick and the hospital expenses become huge burden.

If you are sure of your decision to adopt, please read the following and kindly fill out the application.

If you have any question regarding this form, please feel free to contact us anytime or Instagram (@luppyworld).)

[Non-Applicable Criteria for Adoption]

1. Minors / College Students / Unemployed / Expected overseas migrants / Person who has not completed military service (if you are living in the country where serving military is a duty of citizen)

2. Person who has an income and economically active, but barely afford living

3. Person with severe chronic diseases such as allergies, rhinitis, asthma, etc.

4. Anyone who feels uncomfortable or annoyed with the monitoring period.

[If you wish to adopt, please read and be aware of below notice.]

1. Please apply for the adoption only if you can live, takes care of the animal as your family for a lifetime, not just a pet.

2. Unless you are unable to take care of adopted animal due to cancer, or in a vegetative state, the dissolution of adoption CANNOT BE JUSTIFIED regardless of reasons.

3. You CANNOT apply for re-adoption and abandon the animal in case of dissolution of adoption. The animal must be send back to LUPPYWORLD. Also in the event of dissolution/re-adoption/abandonment, you will be assumed with civil and criminal responsibility

“Adoption Responsibility Fee” is 300 USD.

All of the “Adoption Responsibility Fee” will be used for hospital fee including neutralization, disease treatment, etc.

- Account Name : LUPPYWORLD

- Account No. ; 161-092054-01-012

- Bank Information : Industrial Bank of Korea


Thank you very much for your kindness and we will be in touch with you shortly.

 Have a great day!